1.Why I can’t suspend the speaker?

A: Check whether the base is charging.
B: Practice a few times to get the skill.

2. How to check the base whether have the power?

A: Charged your mobile phone by the USB port of the base
B: Through charging the speaker to check the indication of speaker whether on light

3.Why there is no reaction when I touch the botton?

A: Because the wireless touch control button is controlled by MCU, it will delay about 2-3 seconds.
B:May be the speaker is in low voltage ,please charge!
C:The touch button can not be used when the speaker charging;

4.Why the speaker sounds stopped suddenly?

A : On this condition, means the speaker is in low voltage, to protect the speaker,the speaker will be off automatically, so it need to be charging in time.
Don't put the goods that can be magnetized close to this product, such as mobile phones, watches, credit card, ect.