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Magnetic levitation is the technology that uses magnetic force to overcome the gravity of objects to achieve object levitation. Magnetic levitation technology mainly includes permanent magnet suspension, electromagnetic levitationelectric suspensionsuperconducting suspension, etc. It has been applied in the field of industry and rail transportation, such as Maglev bearings, Maglev trains, etc.

We focus on the research and development of applications of magnetic levitation technology. Besides permanent magnet suspension products, we also provide permanent magnet electric suspension, superconducting suspension products and application technology solutions.

Electromagnetic levitation:
Suspension is realized by using the force between the magnetic field generated by the electromagnet and the ferromagnetic material or magnet, and the closed-loop control is generally realized by combining the signal feedback of the sensor, which has the advantage of real-time controllability.

Permanent magnet suspension:
Repulsion or attraction magnetic levitation is realized by using the principle of homopolar repulsion and heteropolar attraction between permanent magnets.
Superconducting suspension:
By applying the pinning effect of superconductors, the superconductor can capture and lock the magnetic field lines and generate a pinning force with the magnetic field. This suspension is called superconducting pinned suspension or quantum suspension.
Electric suspension:
The suspension is realized by the repulsive force of the induced eddy current generated by the conductor in the time-varying magnetic field in the magnetic field.

Among them, the permanent magnet electric suspension uses the induced eddy current generated by the relative movement of the permanent magnet and the conductor to realize the repulsive suspension. The system structure is relatively simple, and a large suspension air gap can be realized, which is suitable for the field of high-speed transportation.

At present, we own the industry's leading technology accumulation in the field of permanent magnet electric suspension, which can provide the magnetic suspension equipment with the best performance, the largest suspension spacing and the highest load in the industry. Currently, it can achieve a repulsive suspension with a 130mm air gap, a load of 25kg and an attractive suspension with a 120mm air gap. Clearance, load more than 100kg, widely used in advertising display, consumer electronics, industrial manufacturing and other fields.

Superconducting suspension is a completely self-stabilizing suspension technology. At present, the cost is relatively high and it is not suitable for promotion in the transportation field. However, it is suitable for application in amusement facilities and has excellent riding experience and viewing effect. At present, our company is also vigorously promoting the application of superconducting technology!

Electromagnetic Levitation Application :


Magnets have polarity, same pole repulsion, opposites attract !


Replacing magnets by electromagnets:

The electromagnet is a device that is energized to generate magnetism.

The polarity of electromagnet changed while changing the direction of the coil current.

Same as magnets, electromagnets repel same polarity and  attract opposites !

Electromagnetic Repulsion Maglev Train

Representative products: JNR

developed by Japanese technology since 1970, Speed ​​up to 576km/h Suspension height: 100mm


Electromagnetic Repulsion Maglev Moon Light

Representative products: Magnetic levitation moon light

Electromagnetic Attraction Maglev Table Lamp

Representative products: Megi

developed by PUSTALEA LED, the world first table lamp floating patented.

Electromagnetic Attraction Maglev Train

Representative products: Transrapid

German technology has been developed since 1970

The first commercial operation line was built in Pudong, Shanghai in 2003, the speed can reach 500km/h Suspended height: 10mm