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PUSTALEA Maglev is a leading global solution provider of magnetic levitation and electromagnetic direct-drive technologies Since 2017, who gathering well-known institutes and experts in the industry !


Our founder Tim Wu, & CEO Jack Peng, both are Forbes U30 elite. Our scientific research team is led by returnee postdoctoral fellows, who come from world-renowned universities or institutions such as EPFL、TsingHua University、Tongji University etc. We are also working closely with experts from both China and the World in Maglev transportation、superconducting Maglev and linear induction motor system fields.




Mr. Tim Wu, PUSTALEA GROUP CEO, listed in the 2017 Forbes China.




Mr. Jack Peng, PUSTALEA Maglev CEO, listed in the 2017 Forbes China.


We've developed world's first Levitating Wireless Charger, which can charge your phone over the air with power up to 10 w.

We've developed world's smallest Height adjustable Maglev system, which can rise the floater automatically up to stable levitating position and down with remote control system.



MagShuttle, a magnetic power transportation system under development by PUSTALEA Maglev :

is a revolutionary high-speed modular system for logistics and transport. It can realize the three functions of carrying people, goods and vehicles at the same time, and focus on the deployment of the next-generation ultra-high-speed Maglev logistics and the most commercialized core underlying technology in the transportation system, permanent magnet electric suspension.

Thus, we owns nearly 50 patents. The prototype of the manned principle has been launched at the 70th National Day Party in Shenzhen,China and has attracted widespread attention!

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Also, we are working with Volkswagen to develop China's first active magnetic shock absorption seat system, which will be unveiled in Volkswagen's concept car this year. The magnetic shock-absorbing seat can improve the driving experience of back pain / motion sickness / bumps, almost eliminate ground bumps, eliminate vibration, and almost eliminate the pressure of car vibration (Z-direction motion) on the driver's spine and psoas muscles.



Now we are committed to R & D Maglev display, Maglev  lamp, Maglev gifts, Maglev esports & Maglev industrialization, and have gained unanimous praise from domestic and foreign customers.

At the same time, we also believe that in the next ten years, Maglev technology with high-speed, energy-saving, and zero-wear characteristics will appear in our lives more and more, and will eventually perfect our lives.

Our goal :

help to create unique value and exclusive competitiveness for our customers in their own field with Maglev technology.

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We believe that our founding team can use ten years of unremitting efforts to achieve a small greatness.

We also hope that on the road to realize our vision, we are fortunate to have your support and wish walk into the wonderful future together.

The Journey is the Reward !

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