“Black Technology” Lights Up Life

In recent years, with the improvement of people’s living standards and changes in consumption concepts, consumers’ demand for high-level services is also increasing. More and more people are pursuing a quality life, and daily consumption is extended to subdivided areas to meet individual needs. A series of services that meet the needs of the transformation have entered the fast lane of development.


At the same time, consumer demand for services such as catering culture, creative design, cultural education, and tourism services has risen rapidly, and more consumers are willing to pay for healthy living and quality services. The huge market potential has attracted the attention of many returnee entrepreneurs.
In the field of smart homes, the smart voice console light megi with built-in magnetic levitation technology has also been launched. This product can also wirelessly charge mobile phones and interact with users’ voices. This desk lamp with a smart brain is not only full of technology, but also functional and interactive, and has been put into the “alternative list” by many technology enthusiasts

Post time: Aug-06-2022