Deep Magnetic CTO Dr. Cui was invited to participate in the China Maglev Technology Symposium and made a speech report

We introduced the structure, principle and control method of the repulsive suspension system with large suspension spacing and heavy load introduced by Deep Magnetic Technology to the participating experts and scholars. Among them are many innovative designs and methods, which have attracted the attention of experts and scholars present at the conference.

The experts and scholars present came from the fields of maglev traffic and maglev bearings. They were very interested in the deep magnetic system and were also amazed at the levitation performance of the system.


The suspension air gap in the industrial and transportation fields is generally less than 10 mm, and the repelling suspension system launched by Deep Magnetic Technology can achieve a maximum load of 25kg and suspension spacing through high-strength permanent magnets, optimized array arrangement and intelligent control of electromagnetic fields. Excellent performance at 130mm.

Post time: Aug-05-2022