Do you know about maglev technology?

Do you know about maglev technology?

Magnetic levitation technology (EML technology or EMS technology for short) refers to a technology that uses magnetic force to overcome gravity to suspend objects. Suspension system of repulsion or attraction, that is, when the base/top plate produces a magnetic repulsion/attraction that is in a corresponding balance with the gravity of the object, the object will levitate.

The world’s first maglev large car model, placed at the entrance of the Formula City family entertainment center in Formuland, uses exactly this principle.


‘Wow, such a big car can just float in the air? “


“Mom, won’t this fall off?”


“Hey what’s the point?”


It continuously senses, controls and calculates through sensors and control systems, and relies on the balance of electromagnetic attraction and repulsion between electromagnets, iron cores and permanent magnets to dissolve the gravity of a car model weighing hundreds of pounds to achieve stable suspension!


This is similar to the principle of the well-known Shanghai Pudong maglev train (the world’s first and fastest commercial maglev train). The difference is that the suspension distance of the existing maglev train is about 1 centimeter, while the suspension distance of the maglev system provided by Formuland-Deep Magnetic Technology can reach 10-12 centimeters.

Post time: Aug-05-2022