The main factors that affect the price of magnets!

At the beginning of 2015, the price of rare earth materials showed a slight upward trend under the national mandatory control, and the price of NdFeB strong magnets was also deeply affected. Based on this increase, the unit price of NdFeB strong magnet products has also risen sharply. Since the unit price of materials is rising too much, magnet manufacturers cannot bear it and will inevitably ask customers for price increases, and rare earth raw materials will rise. The price of strong magnets increases, which in turn leads to higher production costs.


In 2011, the price of NdFeB strong magnets experienced a roller coaster-like surge. The crazy increase in the price of magnets has brought considerable shocks to the NdFeB strong magnet market. When the price of NdFeB strong magnets rises in such a form, on the one hand, it will bring great results to the NdFeB magnet manufacturers. Many NdFeB magnet factories make a fortune by taking advantage of the price difference in materials. But on the other hand, the trend of soaring prices has caused the market to expand to a certain extent. Inflation is bound to appear in 2012, and its price has returned to its original starting point.


Such volatile prices have brought a lot of market pressure to many companies. Why is there such a price movement?

One of the reasons is that the country’s policies failed to keep up with the needs of market development, which made the market development out of balance, which led to speculation by speculators. Local governments responded positively and implemented them. To this end, the new policy supports and maintains the price of magnets. The second is due to the launch of new energy, energy-saving markets, and new energy-saving vehicles. The invention and launch of new energy vehicles have brought a huge impact on the industry. Therefore, technological innovation also affects the magnet market to a large extent.

Although, the price of magnets is affected by these factors, but the production is not too worrying. At present, in response to the unstable market price, an exchange is formed, and fair market prices are regularly announced to promote the stability of magnet prices and the prosperity and development of the entire industry. Any market effect is inseparable from one principle: when supply exceeds demand, excess capacity will cause The resulting drop in product price is inevitable, and the value of the product itself has a value that determines market demand.

Post time: Sep-06-2022