What is magnetic levitation technology and what are the characteristics of magnetic levitation technology?

Magnetic levitation technology mainly has the following outstanding advantages:

1) No contact. No friction, no mechanical wear, low energy consumption, low noise and low maintenance due to no contact with the suspended body.

2) Since no supporting medium is required, it can be applied under various special conditions such as vacuum, ultra-clean and high temperature and low temperature, and can work for a long time without lubrication and maintenance.

3) Active control can be achieved, so it can be applied in various systems that require vibration reduction and support hardness can be changed, and it is also easy to realize computer control, thereby realizing motion, monitoring and automatic detection and diagnosis, with a high degree of automation.

4) The force distribution is uniform, so the magnetic levitation support force is evenly distributed on the entire magnetic pole surface, which greatly reduces the stress, reduces the system manufacturing cost, and improves the life and reliability.

Although magnetic levitation technology has many advantages mentioned above, there are still some shortcomings:

1) Since the magnetic levitation system uses electromagnetic force to complete the levitation, guidance and driving functions, the safety guarantee measures for the magnetic levitation after power failure. In particular, the braking problem of maglev trains after power failure is still a problem to be solved, and its high-speed stability and reliability still need a long time to run.

2) The levitation height of the conventional magnetic levitation technology is low. Therefore, the requirements for the flatness of the line, the subsidence of the roadbed and the structure of the switch are higher than those of the superconducting technology.

3) Due to the eddy current effect, the superconducting maglev technology consumes more energy than the conventional technology, the cooling system is heavy, the cost is relatively high, the whole system is also complicated, and the strong magnetic field has an impact on the human body and the environment.

Post time: Aug-06-2022